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The beat I just started working on. Check it out.

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Forever and always

I’ll never forgive myself for the mistake I made

The pain I caused you

It kills me through and through

Every single word that is spoken

Reminds me of my disloyalty

There’s no coming back from this

(No coming back)

What happened, happened

I can’t change that

I wrote this song tonight. It pretty much explains why I don’t drink anymore. Also, it’s about something that gets to me every day, even though it’s been almost a year since it happened. To everyone who’s in a relationship, don’t drink. You’ll regret it eventually.

I don’t agree with this statement.
“don’t drink if you’re in a relationship?”
Respectfully, FUCK THAT.
If you can’t control yourself whilst intoxicated, don’t A. Be in a relationship, because there is obviously some issues there. B. assume that everyone will do the same as you.

Mirakle: ^^ This guy is a douchebag. She’s just giving some friendly advice. And just cause you say “Respectfully” doesn’t mean what you say is respectful. In fact, it wasn’t. It’s even more rude that you think you have the right to tell her she shouldn’t be in a relationship. A simple “I don’t agree, I’m a fucking alcoholic” would have sufficed you rude prick. Don’t reblog shit you don’t agree with.

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He never really died legends live forever ;p

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Here we go with this shit…


Here we go with this shit…

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